Guy Duff and the Pure Light Group are Exploring Synergy Between Music, Computing, Art and Education.

Taking Music, Computing and Art to NewPure Light Levels of Integration and Collaboration.

Ever Improving Education Means and Possibilities for All regardless of income, location or disposition. Let the Music Set You Free.

My interests are in finding ways to use scientific and hollistic human technology to make life a better experience for human beings.  Collaborative and communication technology and media content delivery have reached the levels where we can, with love and  comittment, make Excellent Universal Education available to all who are willing to work at it and through the application of ancient sciences such as yoga and sustaintable family farming, and permaculture, we can begin to provide real physical security to people.  


In my experience the key to happiness and the survival of the human species comes from learning to walk in state of universal love for one another and to always seek to see and bring out the highest potential in one another.

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